Good morning! How was your weekend?! I hope it was nice and relaxing and also full of fun! We spent the weekend in Lancaster with Bobby’s parents because his dad was coaching indoor field hockey at the National Indoor Tournament!

We left home Friday after work and arrived in Lancaster around dinnertime and headed to Federal Tap House, a pub with 100 craft beers on tap!  If you don’t already know, Bobby and his dad are huge craft beer lovers! We got two pizzas and french fries to share for dinner and everything was so delicious!

On Saturday, we grabbed breakfast and coffee before watching the girls play in one of their games! It was so fun to watch them play, especially because I played hockey in high school!  They ended up winning first place in their age group which was so exciting!

Since we were in Lancaster, we spent the afternoon browsing in various farmers markets, antique shops, bakeries, quilt shops (oh my gosh the detail in the Amish-made quilts are unbelievable), and any little store along the way!

Lancaster Shops


I found these really cute cookie mix mason jars that I thought would make a perfect homemade gift!

Cookie Mix in Mason Jar

We then stopped at Lancaster Brewing Company for dinner. (Sorry for the horrible picture!)

Lancaster Brewing Company

It was pretty busy and after eating there its no wonder- they had a fun atmosphere, cool decor, plenty of beer (plus wine for us ladies), and amazing food! If you visit Lancaster I highly recommend going there for dinner or even just appetizers (the pretzel with cheese and hummus appetizers were excellent and only $5 each)!

After a weekend full of eating out, I’m ready for a week full of healthy eating!  Below I’m sharing some of my favorite breakfast meals!

Because I have to be at work pretty early (anywhere from 6:30-7:30 A.M.), I tend to gravitate towards healthy meals that are quick and easily portable.

Healthy On the Go Breakfast Options

  • Apple with natural peanut butter: This is one of my favorite staples! I like it for breakfast or an afternoon snack.  My favorite apple is Macintosh because of its tart flavor and tender inside. I also only eat natural peanut butter and it taste so much better than peanut butter full of sugar! If you can’t get over the “runny” texture of the oil, I suggest placing 2 tablespoons in a small plastic container and putting it in the fridge overnight. This usually helps reduce the runny texture. I also keep my peanut butter jar in the fridge which helps as well.  One trick I recently learned to keep apples looking fresh and prevent browning after cutting is to dip the slices in lemon juice!  I have heard of other methods, but this is all-natural with no preservatives! There is nothing worse than brown apple slices!IMG_3046
  • Protein bar: I probably have a protein bar a few days a week for breakfast simply for the ease of packing it in my bag the night before. Plus, I know its healthy and full of protein! My favorites are Cliff bars (chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, and walnut oatmeal) and GNC Lean Bars in chocolate chip. Can you tell I love chocolate? 😉 Anytime I can have chocolate in a healthy meal I’m a happy girl! I will warn you that GNC Lean Bars are a bit more expensive than Cliff bars, but have more protein and less calories! GNC Lean Bars are about $1.70/bar (with a GNC membership) while Cliff bars are $1.00/bar at Wegmans or Whole Foods. Some of my other favorites are Powerbars, Luna, and Balance.
  • Fruit + Veggie Packed Smoothie: I recently purchased a Nutribullet and I don’t know why I waited so long! Bobby’a had one for a while and I love when he makes me smoothies before work, but always hated how the smoothie would separate when I didn’t drink it right away! I decided to keep my Nutribullet in my locker at work so that I can blend up my smoothie at work. If you like “fresh” smoothies like me, then prep your smoothie at home and wait to blend it at work right before you’re ready for breakfast! I place rinsed fruit (minus my banana), spinach, and ice into my cup at home. Then, right before I’m ready to blend, I mix in my greek yogurt and banana! It comes out delicious every time!

Smoothie (Before)Smoothie (after)

  • Low fat greek yogurt + English muffin with natural peanut butter: I love having something warm for breakfast so toasting an English muffin and topping with peanut butter is heaven some mornings! Usually an english muffin is not enough to keep me full, so I’ll usually also have a yogurt.
  • Fruit salad + trail mix: To truly make this a quick breakfast option, I cut all my fruit on Sunday night and store in tupperware containers!  My favorite fruit salad contains watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, strawberries, and pineapples!  I like to also have a handful of trail mix for protein (and chocolate of course)!

As you will notice, I try to incorporate protein into my breakfast to keep me full throughout the morning until my lunch break. I also try to eat my breakfast into two parts so that I have the second half as a mid-morning snack.  This works well for me and I usually don’t find myself becoming ravenous for lunch (thankfully, haha). And the best part?  You can pack all of these options in your lunch bag the night before work so you can easily grab and go in the morning!  :)

Question of the day: What is your favorite healthy breakfast when you’re on the go?

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