Do you ever have those days when you don’t know what you want to do at the gym? Or you don’t feel like doing the same old workout? That is exactly how I felt at the gym last Thursday! I knew I wanted to do cardio since I did Bodypump the previous day, but I didn’t feel like running or doing the elliptical. So, I turned to the Nike Training Club App for some inspiration! It’s a great resource to have on your phone when you need an awesome workout FAST!

If you’ve never used this FREE app, you must download it! It provides a variety of workouts based on a few different factors: your fitness level (based on the number of times you workout each week), the type of workout you want to complete (high interval cardio, definition, strength, or a specific body part), and how long you want to work out (between 15 to 45 minutes)!  Once you choose a workout, it allows you to sync music from your phone and has a timer on the screen so you know how long the exercise is and how much time you have left. My favorite feature is that at any point through out the workout you can watch a video of any move you’re not sure of how to do (don’t worry, it pauses the work out when you click on a video so you don’t miss any time)! Overall, the Nike Training app is super user-friendly!

 Below is a glimpse of a workout (top) and what you’re screen will actually look like while completing the workout (bottom):

Nike Training Workout


Nike Training App Move

It even lets you customize some of the moves to your specific body’s needs before starting the workout (see below). I love that option, but I wish it allowed you to customize more of the moves!

Customiza NKA

The reason I didn’t follow the workout completely is because I didn’t want to do a ton of jumping due to my knee. I dislocated my knee cap multiple times playing field hockey in high school, resulting in a torn ligament, sprained muscle, and chipped pieces of my patellar. I had two knee surgeries to correct the issues, but still have occasional pain to this day.

To decrease knee pressure, I tweaked an advanced high interval cardio workout on the Nike Training Club app and found the inspiration for the following workout!

30 Min Cardio Burn

For reference, I used two 10 pound dumbbells for lunges and one 15 pound dumbbell for woodchops and cross back lunges!

Here are links to some of the exercises:

This workout left me with a pulsin’ heart & a lot of sweat! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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