Hi friends and happy hump day!  I’m so excited to get through the rest of the week because this weekend we are heading to Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo for vacation! Bobby’s aunt and uncle live there for half of the year so it will be nice to see them! I can not wait for tons of sun, relaxation, reading, and tanning! Before I get too ahead of myself with lots of fun this weekend, I have an informative post centered around spring cleaning.

With spring finally here, I’ve been focusing on deep cleaning the house..on the inside and out!  (Weird fact about me: I actually enjoy cleaning!  You heard that right!  I love seeing the results of a messy room becoming a clean and organized space!  This past weekend we did our “spring cleaning” and I feel so cleansed and way less stressed!..I don’t know why, but messy places stress me out!

I was recently thinking about how often you should clean various rooms and things in your house and decide it would make a great post!  I’ve categorized this cleaning guide based on the recommended frequency of how often you should clean with a spring cleaning checklist at the end!


  • Make your bed: this is necessarily “cleaning”, but it does make your bedroom appear more tidy and organized!Bed made
  • Kitchen counters & sink:  I like to use Lysol or any other product with antibacterial properties to kill germs!
  • Wash the dishes and clean sink: I hate nothing more than waking up in the morning to a sink full of dirty dishes!  One of the things I do every night before bed is fill up the dishwasher.
  • Sort through mail: I have a basket on our console table where mail is placed so that it’s all in one place and looks organized.  I try to go through it every evening to get rid of junk mail.Mail Organizer

Twice a Week

  • Dust: I don’t know who has time to dust twice a week (I know this full-time woman does not, haha!), but cudos to you if you do!  I pretty much dust once a week and it works for me!  Use a microfiber cloth and remember to start dusting high and finish low.
  • Replace dish towels: wash dirty towels with your normal towels that week!
  • Wash towels: only reuse your towel 2-3 times before throwing it in the hamper.  If you do reuse your towel, make sure you hang it so that it dries after each use (bacteria like to grow in moist environments).
  • Bathroom sinks/counters 
  • Scrub toilet


  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Launder sheets + pillow cases
  • Wash toothbrush:There are so many germs in our mouths, so cleaning your toothbrush is very important! Use an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean your brush and then rinse.   cleaning toothbrush
  • Scrub bathtub/shower 

*Tip*: just because its recommended you do these things weekly, doesn’t mean you have to do it all in one day each week! Who really wants to clean all day on Saturday or Sunday?!  I like to tackle one chore each night so that I don’t feel overwhelmed come the weekend!

Each Season

  • Wash pillows & comforter: most pillows are actually machine washable; just check the tags so you know how the water temperature, type of detergent to use, and cycle.  Because most people have large comforters that don’t fit into washing machines, I suggest taking it to the dry cleaner or a laundry mat with large washer and dryers!
  • Wash curtains: Most drapery and curtains are machine washable.  Just check the tags to see how to launder them.  I plan on doing this over the next few weeks because we may or may not be overdo on this one 😉Curtains
  • Organize your closet: donate items you no longer wear.  My rule of thumb is to donate the piece of garment if you didn’t wear it this season because chances are you also won’t wear it next season.  There are so many  organizations that will accept donated clothes (plus you can even get a tax break on the donation). You could also sell gently wore clothes  Every fall and spring I replace out of season clothes for clothes that are not in season.  I store clothes  in large plastic containers.

Beginning of Spring

  • Clean upholstery: you can actually just take upholstered furniture cushions outside and beat out excess dust.
  • Clean out pantry: throw out expired food and donate food that you don’t use (make sure it’s in date).  Buy airtight containers to organize food in pantry and keep fresh.
  • Shampoo rugs 
  • Wax wooden floors
  • Wipe walls and ceilings
  • Clean attic and/or basements: donate items you no longer use/want to clear out space
  • Clean up the garden:this includes trimming plants, mulching, planting new flowers/vegetables, etc.
  • Powerwash/sweep decks, patios, sidewalks, driveways
  • Clean/rinse off all outdoor furniture 
  • Clean inside and outside of all windows 

My spring check list was perfect for our townhouse, but I also suggest checking out Martha Stewart’s spring cleaning checklist that organizes the task based on the room!

Have a great day friends!  Can’t wait to chat soon!

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