Happy Sunday everyone!  We arrived back from Florida late Saturday night so I was a little sad!  Today will be spent unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and getting ready for the work week!

While we were on vacation, we tried to start our day with some type of workout.  I don’t know about you, but working out first thing in the morning leaves me feeling accomplished and energized the rest of the day.  We did have access to a fitness center, but we wanted to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible so we typically completed our workouts outside.  Running in the warm sunshine was SO nice and making me wish we didn’t come home to snow!

Below you will find a 30 minute cardio workout that incorporates body weight exercises through out running.  In other words, no equipment is needed to complete this total body workout, which is great when you are on vacation or traveling and don’t have access to a gym!

No equiptment needed cardio total body workout

You can easily make this workout shorter or longer by changing the time interval of running.  You can also decrease the intensity by adding more walking instead of running.

Below you will find video links of all exercises to ensure proper form.

I hope you all enjoy this workout as much as I did!  See ya later friends!

We made it to The Keys and we couldn’t be happier!

Buccanear Island View of water

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to those views everyday?!

Lounging at pool
From my snapchat!

Yesterday we spent 8 hours at Buccaneer Island, which includes a lagoon with a white sandy beach and two pools that overlook the ocean.  It was a relaxing day full of sun, reading, and lounging!  While we were laying around, I was thinking about how I’ve been trying to eat healthy while on vacation.  I haven’t been following a strict diet by any means while vacationing, but I honestly feel so much better when I fuel my body with healthy foods.  When I eat “bad” I usually feel crampy and bloated, which it not how I want to feel when I’m in my bathing suit all day!  Below you will find tips on how I’ve been eating healthy on this vacation!

5 Tips for eating healthy on vacation

  • Pack healthy snacks in your checked bag: If possible, go to the grocery store before you leave for your trip and buy healthy snacks to pack in your checked bag.  I packed protein bars and 100 calorie microwavable popcorn bags as snacks to eat between meals if I was hungry.  I chose to buy these ahead of time to save money and ensure I had snacks I actually enjoy eating- usually food is more expensive with less options on a resort.   This worked well for me- I usually had a protein bar as a mid morning snack and popcorn in the evening after dinner!IMG_3203
  • Don’t skip breakfast: I know you’ve probably heard this a million times, but it’s SO true. I’m a big believer in eating breakfast because I know I would eat way too much for lunch and dinner if I didn’t!  This usually leaves me feeling uncomfortable in my tummy and super bloated.  We ate healthy for breakfast since we would be in bathing suits all day.  I typically ate a fruit salad which kept me full until my mid-morning snack- either a protein bar or english muffin with peanut butter!fruit bowl for breakfast
  • Buy healthy and convenient food at the grocery store: We purposefully avoided buying our favorite unhealthy foods and desserts  (think cookies, candy, ice cream, and muffins) so that we wouldn’t be tempted to eat unhealthy everyday (and probably multiple times a day).  We also made sure to buy pre-cut fruit since we were unlikely to spend time cutting fruit on vacation and to buy meals for lunch that are easy to assemble, such as tuna and chicken in a can.  This is not to say that we didn’t indulge while we were on vacation because I don’t believe in depriving yourself.  We went to the ice cream shop a few nights after dinner since we were craving something sweet and it hit the spot!
  • Try to eat balanced meals without depriving yourself: I made sure to eat healthy for breakfast and lunch so that I could splurge at dinner without feeling guilty.  My dinners so far have included brick-oven pizza, nachos, and a crab cake sandwich which were all delicious!  I wanted to make sure I enjoyed eating while on vacation and I think if you allow yourself to give into your craving for dinner you will feel satisfied throughout your trip!
Crab Cake Sandwich tip for dinner
  • Avoid late night meals/snacks: If you’re like me, I like eating dinner early rather than later.  I typically try to finish eating by 7pm and tried to continue following this rule on vacation (although I know I we ate around 8pm a few nights and that was okay with me).  By trying to eat earlier in the evening, you avoid going to bed with a full belly, which can be uncomfortable at times.  If I eat earlier, I’m also more likely to feel less bloated in the morning.  Plus, I’m usually hungry for breakfast shortly after waking up, forcing me to not skip this important meal of the day!

Question of the day: What are your tips for eating healthy when on vacation?